Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A different kind of gaggle adventure

For quite some time now it has been a joke among the gaggle to always say we are getting tattoos. Whenever we vacate the house for some spur of the moment reason, one of many parents would say "Don't talk to strangers!" or "Don't drink and do drugs!" or "Drive on the right side of the road!" etc. etc. And our response would be "Don't worry we're just going to all the bars and all the tattoo parlors." All in good fun of course, the parents would laugh nervously and mutter amongst themselves. For added effect every time a tattoo parlor would pass us by someone would crow "Hey guys lets go get tattoos!!!"

Well finally two of us did it. After much debate and thinking on my part (it was spur of the moment for my friend), Two gaggle members have permanently art worked their epidermises. There has indeed been much grief from our circles of friends, I think the entire world has been split in half for every other person says that tattoos are okay and every other person says that tattoos are evil! we're just going to leave it at that because if every one had the same opinion it wouldn't be very fun.

The gaggle that went with me for my permanent marring of the skin were fully supportive and willing to hold my hand no matter how hard I squeezed (I'm very strong). Also they were there to catch me should fainting occure but the little machine barely resembled a needle at all, it actually looked like a cross between a pen and a glue gun.

This is what I decided to put on the inside of my wrist. We left the leaves out of the picture so its just the dove. My other gaggleite got a dove as well but it wasn't planed that we have similar tattoos and we got them at different times at different places.

For me though I like the dove, in the bible when Jesus gets baptised the holy spirit appeared in the shape of a dove and whats shiny about doves it that their eyes can only look straight ahead. Most birds their eyes are on the sides of their head so they can see in front and behind them. (That's why crows have issues is cause their looking in to many directions at once, it makes them grumpy) Anyways I like the fact that doves can only look forward because I want to only look at Jesus and not be worried about whats behind me.

Another little ponder as this comes to a close, if the gaggle finally went and got tattoos...what else is actually going to happen in the future?


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  1. Having been one of the gagglite parents to receive the answers to the "where are you girls off to" question.....well you girls simply always make me smile with the fun ways you view daily life and express yourselves.

    I love your tattoo!