Monday, January 21, 2013

     Sooo This is me checking up on this here blog. things have gotten kind of busy so I haven't taken the time to really write about anything lately. I guess I should though. So here it goes...

     Exciting news! I have gotten a promotion in the land of munchkin and am now a full time teacher of the ages three and four. It is beyond fun and the most perfect job ever!!!!!

     Even more exciting news! The wedding date for me and my one true love is creeping ever closer taking its slow painful time. I wish it would hurry up! we have been engaged since august and still have a couple months to go. I know there's a lot still to do but its getting to the point now where as long as we get married I really don't care what else happens.

     So yes two big things of this year...what else? Oh yes, the pudding has gone off to college and is kicking butt in the arts. What ever she lays her hands on she is instantly the best and most talented.

     Anyways this whole growing up thing is taking its toll and thanks for checking up on my blog and merry belated Christmas and Happy late New Year...yes.

God bless You. that I truly mean.


Saturday, July 21, 2012

Last week my other half and I celebrated our first whole year of dating!